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This nationally recognised course develops the participant's knowledge and skills required to deliver CPR to an unconscious non-breathing person.Course ContentHow to respond to an emergency situation Performing CPR procedures Communicating details of the incident Assessment Tasks Demonstrate competent CPR performance on an adult and infant manikin Participate in a first aid scenario, involving the use of an AED Complete a written assessmentUpon successful completion of the course, a Statement of Attainment HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation will be issued.


eMHPrac is a DOH funded initiative, providing training to GPs in the use of a suite of Australian based e-Mental Health intervention programs, apps and services to support the management of mild to moderate depression and anxiety.For more information please download the flyer or visit the Blackdog Institute website http://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/eMHPracor email eMHPrac@blackdog.com.au

Research indicates that at least 12% of parents fear both vaccination and the outcome of non-vaccination. Based on extensive research into vaccine hesitancy by NCIRS, this event will equip health care professionals with skills to effectively address the concerns of hesitant parents and assist non-vaccinators to see immunisation as a safe and effective way of protecting their child’s health.

Learning objectives: Identify appropriate patients to routinely test for HIV and STIs Demonstrate increased confidence initiating conversations about sexual health Take a sexual health history Describe common STIs and their clinical presentation Perform STI and HIV diagnostic testing Manage patient treatment for common STIs Initiate contact tracing and patient referrals where necessary


Sudden Confusion & PlanningThese free seminars are available to any home Carer, relative, volunteer, paid worker who cares for a person with dementia, or those interested to learn more about dementia.


ESML GPs and their staff are invited to attend an educational session detailing the latest on privacy and medico-legal issues pertinent to general practice.


The aim of this workshop is to empower health professionals working with young people with a greater appreciation of the complexities of the depression subtypes, the impact of stress and personality styles and a clearer understanding of both medical and psychological treatments. The workshop also provides practical strategies for relapse prevention and resilience building.

Cardiac Failure & Coronary Artery SpasmTo provide an interactive educational evening for all GPs that are associated with the Eastern Heart Clinic This small group of doctors will have access to two Procedural Cardiologists each evening ( total of six specialists). Each Cardiologists will involve the GPs in case based clinical decision making. Observing real life case studies and interpretation of patient outcomes. This informal setting encourages a high level of interaction as case studies will be presented with a summation of 'take home' messages. All participants will be encouraged to engage with the speakers in open discussion throughout the evening as well as a Q&A session at the end of each session run by the GP Chairperson

This CPD event will provide a framework to approach the management of psychiatric illness in women in the peripartum. It will include a brief review of the risks and benefits of psychotropic use in pregnancy and breastfeeding based on current available evidence and the role of non-pharmacological interventions including psychotherapy, stress management, sleep management in optimizing mental health of women in the perinatal period.

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This nationally recognised course develops the participant's knowledge and ski...

eMHPrac is a DOH funded initiative, providing training to GPs in the use of a ...

Research indicates that at least 12% of parents fear both vaccination and the ...

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